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Mobile Application

Continuous research in to the mobile application design and development industry ensures that ACT delivers work of the highest quality and that our experts remain fully up-to-date with industry best practices.

To make sure our valued customers get the very best advice, quality and service possible, we focus on a number of key areas when we carry out our mobile development projects.

How we work

ACT will work with you to determine your app requirements and functionality you wish to add. This will be detailed in the systems requirements document and sent to you to ensure everything is included in your mobile app vision.

Mobile application architecture

This is an essential part of all custom app projects because it gives a complete overview of the mobile application from start to finish. This allows for the customer to fully analyse the application, see if there is anything that needs to be added or removed and ensure that the information flow and screen jumps are logical and efficient. The flow chart will show all screens (splash screen, main menu screen, interactive and static screens etc.), clickable buttons, text fields, settings buttons, drop down menus and anything else that is included in the application. It will also show developer notes, clarification questions for the customer, a flow chart key, information flow arrows and screen titles.

Spec sheet

A spec sheet details specific criteria when a custom app is high in complexity. A spec sheet normally includes database field information, report information (where the information comes from and what field it populates), who enters the information (system administrator, user etc.), the type of information and what format it is in, field titles and how the information will be presented. It can also include a definition of terms. This can be written in the form of a process flow or as a chart.

App Design

Design determines how the end user will interact with the application. There are many design best practices to follow when creating a mobile application to make sure the application looks good on the screen it is designed for and most importantly is easy to navigate and use. Mobile applications must always have strong entertainment value. It should also be highly personalised to reflect the company's logo, values and excellence. This will mean that the application will gain traction and users. An application should be seen as a powerful marketing tool which permits customers to interact, real time, with your organisation and, when designed correctly, can become incredibly popular.

Mobile platforms

ACT develops for all the main mobile platforms including the most popular; Apple IOS, Android mobile platform (Apple's main competition) and Chrome OS. ACT takes care of fully publishing your application, including all relevant banners and images so that you can rest safe in the knowledge that everything will be done on your behalf. You are the owner of your application and ACT will never charge for the application source code. The source code belongs to you, our valued customer.


Wireframes give a clear understanding of exactly how each screen will be designed before the design phase starts. It shows the full screen and the device it will be displayed on, where buttons will be located on the screen, where colours and shading will start and finish, where any logos will be placed and what colours will be used. It is what the application will look like upon completion.


ACT's all encompassing service includes:

Web Services

This is the 'communication' component of an application

Database design

This is the organised collection of data where you app pulls data from.


An API is a set of commands that allows to the app extract information from another software application.

Optimization and Testing

ACT will carry out extensive testing to ensure it is working correctly.

We'd very much like to help you bring your mobile app to life.