Systems analysis and architecture

ACT analyses your system in complete detail, from where the user starts to navigate in your mobile application (splash screen, login, registration) all the way through to completion (the purchase of your product for example). It is vitally important to understand exactly how the data in your mobile application is used, what the data is and how it will be distributed throughout the application. This helps with database design and API design and development.

Mobile application wireframing

This is a critical part of the mobile application development process. This shows exactly how a user will navigate through your mobile application, what happens when the user clicks a button or swipes the screen, selects a menu. It will show you where the user will be sent each step of the navigation process. It gives you, the customer, an opportunity to fully analyse your mobile application and make any changes to a screen, to simplify it or add certain functionality.

Mobile application UI/UX design

Both Apple and Android have native design protocols with regards buttons, menus, elements etc. ACT's professional designers will help you make your mobile application visually stunning and something that your customers will love to use! We design every screen of your mobile application so that you can see exactly what it will look like on the device when it is finished. We will ask you to approve your design before we move on to development.

Mobile application development

ACT's certified developers develop your mobile application according to IT industry best practices and the SCRUM methodology. We conduct regular mobile application development demos so that you can see exactly how your mobile app is progressing and we work to SCRUM milestones and delivery points, that you are given in advance, so that you can follow the management of your mobile application project and you will be able to see what you will receive next from ACT Mobile Solutions.


You will receive regular project builds of your of your iOS and Android mobile applications so that you can see how your business website is progressing. You will be able to download these directly on your device so that you can see how it’s working in real time. You will also receive a project management milestones document which will tell you what you will receive at certain times during each mobile application project phase.

API (Application Programming Interface)

ACT designs your API to ensure that all data flowing through your mobile application is optimized so that it is delivered as quickly as possible. ACT includes all web services necessary to complete your mobile application development project. ACT primarily works with SOAP and Rest web services.

Database design and development

ACT works primarily with MySQL, SQL Server and other application databases and works extremely hard to analyze your business and system processes, the type of information you manage and how that information needs to be distributed throughout the mobile application. It is incredibly important to determine how your business's data is used and where that data needs to be displayed. All this goes in to the design of the database.

Testing your mobile application

It is vitally important that your mobile application is fully tested before being published on the App Store and Play Store. This ensures that your mobile application is stable and there are no development errors or bugs. ACT Mobile Solutions uses various techniques, such as regression testing, device testing, integrity testing, stability testing, black box testing and white box testing, manual testing and automated testing to ensure your mobile application is in perfect working order.

Publishing your mobile application on the App Store and/or Play Store

Apple and Android have certain publishing protocols that must be followed before your mobile application can be published on their platforms. ACT Mobile Solutions uses Testflight (Apple) and .APK Beta files to show our valued customers their mobile application working correctly (and in demos) and, once the client confirms they are completely satisfied with their mobile application, we then publish them on the App Store / Play Store on the client's behalf!

Warranty mobile application development

ACT offers at least 20 working days as a warranty on all its mobile application development projects.

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